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Serving Your Needs

Beginning of the year, our company decided to focus directly into the electric vehicle charging infrastructure; even changing our name. In the past few months we have certified, (EVITP), (EVSE) and partnered with (Chargepoint, JuiceBAR, Clipper Creek, Q-merit, Koil as certified installers. As well as being Efficiency Maine Qualified Partner, establishing expertise in these areas. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular there is a growing need for reliable and efficient charging service provider. Similarly, battery energy storage systems are becoming more important as a means of managing the electricity grid and integrating renewable energy sources like solar and wind power.

As an electrical contracting company, you are responsible for designing, installing, and maintaining electrical systems and equipment for your customers. This includes everything from lighting and power systems to more specialized systems like electric vehicle charging stations and battery energy storage systems. By specializing in these areas, you can offer your customers a unique set of services that meet their specific needs and help them to adopt new technologies and practices that benefit both their bottom line and the environment.

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